TTulpe Smart Master 60 flat electric water heater with smart control

Horizontal or vertical, 3300 Watt (2.1 kW + 1.2 kW) smart boiler with very extensive functions

The Smart Master series has a flat design through the use of two tanks. This 60-liter boiler can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the wall.

The Smart Master water heaters are of exceptional quality and particularly suitable for hard water areas and are equipped with 4 anodes. Thanks to good insulation and the new SMART function, this boiler has excellent energy efficiency, resulting in an energy label B.
The storage water heater monitors the use of hot water using the smart "SMART" mode. In this way, the boiler prepares for the next cycle of water use. (7 days in a cycle). At times when you do not need hot water, the water is kept at a minimum temperature. This way you can save significant energy with maximum comfort!
In addition, the boiler is easy to operate thanks to the user-friendly display. In addition to smart mode, you can also set the boiler manually. For example, you can heat the water heater with one heating element (eco mode) or with two heating elements (2.1 kW + 1.2 kW). Timers can be programmed manually. For example for use with night power. The boiler remembers its last setting after a power failure.

There are also various safety programs such as anti-frost mode and anti-legionella mode.

The tanks are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. A special ceramic coating of both the tanks and the heating elements ensures a very long service life. 4-fold extra large anodes protect the boiler against corrosion.

- Flat design for low installation depth.
- Net capacity of no less than 50 liters
- Suitable for hard water
- Smart control for comfort and energy saving.
- Fully programmable as desired
Included in delivery:
* Boiler including connection cable and plug.
* 3-way safety valve (this is a drain valve, non-return valve and pressure relief valve in 1) also called inlet combination.
* Instruction manual
Wall anchors (wall hooks) are not included in the delivery.

Technical data:
Brand: TTulpe
Type: Smart Master 60
Net content: 50 liters

Placement: vertical mounting, water connections down; horizontal mounting, water connections to the left.

Water pressure: minimum 0.1 MPa and maximum 0.7 MPa
Working pressure: maximum 0.7 MPa
Connection value: 3300 Watt 230 Volt 15 AMP.
Vertical dimensions: 838 x 511 x 279 mm (h x w x d)
Horizontal dimensions: 511 x 838 x 279 mm (h x w x d)
Distance water connections to the wall: 100 mm
Distance between water connections: 337 mm
Threaded connections: ½ Inch
Cable with plug (length 120 cm)
Empty weight: 25 kg.
Warm-up time of the incoming temperature by 45 degrees: 50 minutes.
Full warm-up time: 114 minutes
Maximum temperature: 75 degrees.
Energy label: B

Brand: TTulpeŽ
Energy class: Product sheet
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