TTulpe® is a Dutch quality brand for high tech water heaters.
Our passion to improve water heaters resulted in modern, safe, environment friendly and affordable water heaters.
Over 30 years of experience with water heating solutions, German engineering, a modern and sustainable production plant and the highest level of customer care is what TTulpe® separates us from the rest.

ErP / NOx Ready
With the adoption of the Kyoto protocol, the European Union has committed itself to reducing CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020, the so-called "20-20-20 target". This means a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, a 20% increase in energy efficiency and a 20% increase in the share of reusable energy.
The ErP directive (Energy-related Products) was signed in 2009. This is often simply referred to as the ecodesign directive.
This guideline has been introduced in phases since 26 September 2015. Ecodesign sets mandatory ecological requirements for all energy-using and energy-related products sold in all Member States. More than 40 product groups (boilers, lamps, TVs, refrigerators, etc.) are defined within this guideline
Since September 26, 2018, the rules of the game are stricter again for new gas water heaters coming onto the market. The standard for nitrogen oxide emissions (so-called NOx) is then stricter. From this date, all gas-fired appliances must comply with a maximum NOx emission of 56 mg / kWh. As a result, there will still be few or no "B1 gas water heaters" for sale that meet those stricter requirements. Stricter standards also apply to spare parts, making repairs more difficult. This means that older equipment is replaced faster because they can no longer be repaired.
TTulpe cares about the environment, our gas water heaters do not contain any hazardous materials and meet the limits set by RoHS 2 directive (EU) 2015/863 with supplement to Annex II to directive 2011/65 / EU.
The TTulpe Indoor B-11 Eco complies with the Ecodesign guideline 2009/125 / EC and has extremely low NOx emissions. (mandatory for all devices after September 2018).

We are proud to present our new range of gas water heaters!

TTulpe® The new standard for heating water.