Fothermo Battery Cable 12/24 Volt

With the battery cable, the water can be heated by a rechargeable battery. When the battery is fully charged, the boiler switches on automatically and converts the excess energy into heat. The battery is charged with the first priority by the photovoltaic modules, once it is full, the excess is used to heat water.

3 Meters.

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Important note: The water heater cannot charge a battery. The boiler is only connected to the battery as an electrical consumer via the battery cable. The battery is usually charged via a photovoltaic module, an alternator or a small wind turbine. The energy stored in the battery or excess energy can be stored as heat in the boiler.

- The 10 liter water heater can be charged with a 12V or 24V battery system.
- The 30 liter boiler is easy to charge with a 24V battery. If heated with a 12V battery, the warm-up times would be very long.
- The 80 liter boiler can be charged via the 24V battery. However, the relatively long heating times must be taken into account. Depending on the application and the water consumption, this can be useful.

Brand: Fothermo
£ 27,70 incl. VAT