Our chimneys standing lonely at the top!

All our products are CE marked and certified and are under permanent control of MPA NRW - Material Testing Agency Nordrhein-Westfalen.

20 year warranty!

ThermoVast is safe, reliable and CE certified.
To date, we gave this 10-year warranty. But our chimneys go much longer without difficulties, even after a chimney fire.
We have therefore decided to bring the warranty to 20 years. See our warranty.

Our flues ... .safe, familiar
Our Thermo Fixed double-insulated flues are registered with KOMO
By installing under the Thermo Fixed installation instructions Thermo Fixed - is properly installed according to the Dutch building rules

Flue Gas Disposal homegrown!
We use our knowledge and experience to transform your questions on chimneys to a chimney suitable solution.
If you ever want to see how we translate our knowledge into a product: visit our production and showroom in Flushing, where flues are manufactured in Zeeland soil.

They think more along with you .. the people of Thermo Products
Technical advice on how to install, innovate together, it can at Thermo Products.
We think along with you to achieve the best solution chimney.
Please feel free to contact our chimney specialists.