Electric storage tank water heaters, boilers

An electric boiler is, just like an instantaneous water heater, an applice to heat up water. A boiler heats up a supply of water in an insulated kettle and kept at a certain temperature by using a thermostat. KIIP's range of boilers comprises of various models so surely there will always be one that matches your budget and requirements.

A boiler is perfect for kitchen use, but can also be used as an alternative hot water tap in your house, garage, caravan or chalet.

Advantages over gas heated boilers are: electric boilers are smaller, require less maintenance, do not need a exhaust flue pipe and do not consume oxygen. The can be placed anywhere where water and electricity is available.

All our boilers come with an inlet combination (relief valve) and a minimum warranty of 2 years. For some models the kettles even have 5 or even 7 (!) years of warranty. On top of that, all our boilers are CE-certified and can thus be applied anywhere in Europe.

We sell boilers of 3 different producers, Cointra, Thermex and Eldom. Our range exists of 7,10, 15, 30, 50 and 80 liter models.

Should you wish a professional advice on which model would be most suitable for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.