Thermex IF 30 Flat Smart

30 liter flat smart water heater with smart technology. Can be used vertically or horizontally

Thanks to the flat design, the Thermex Smart series can be mounted both horizontally and vertically to perfectly integrate in every conceivable location.
Thanks to good insulation and the new SMART function, this boiler has an excellent energy efficiency that results in an Energy Label B.
By using the smart "SMART" mode, the boiler monitors the use of hot water. In this way the boiler prepares itself for the next cycle of water use. (7 days in a cycle). At times when you do not need hot water, the water is kept at a minimum temperature. This way you can save energy with maximum comfort!
In addition, the water heater is easy to operate thanks to the user-friendly display. It is also equipped with a self-diagnosis and frost protection.
The tanks are produced according to the BIO-glasslined principle. These are enamelled steel tanks which, thanks to this unique and patented coating, provide the inner tank with the highest possible protection without burdening the environment.

Included in the packaging:
* Boiler including connection cable
* 3-fold safety valve
* Instructions
* 1 set of wall anchors

Technical data:
Brand: Thermex
Type: IF 30 SMART
Net content: 25 liters
Placement: vertical installation, branch pipes down; horizontal installation, branches to the left.
Water pressure: minimum 0.05 MPa and maximum 0.7 MPa
Working pressure: maximum 0.8 MPa
Connection value: 2000 Watt 230 Volt 10 Amp.

Water connection: ½ " inch

Vertical dimension: 587 x 453 x 263 mm. (h x b x d)
Dimension horizontal: 453 x 587 x 263 mm. (h x b x d)
Empty weight: 13.5 Kg.
Warm-up time with a temperature of 45 degrees: 39 minutes.
Energy label: B
Warranty: 2 years, 5 years on the tanks.
Contents package: boiler, manual, wall anchors and an inlet combination: 3-fold safety valve (this is a drain valve, non-return valve and pressure relief valve in 1).

Brand: Thermex
Energy class: Product sheet
£ 195,-
£ 155,- incl. VAT