Thermex IF 80 V Comfort WIFI flat water heater

Flat 80 liter boiler with Wifi , vertical

The Thermex Flat boiler IF 80-V Comfort Wifi has a compact installation depth because it is equipped with the so-called "double tank" principle. This boiler therefore also has 2 heating elements that optionally provide 1.3 kW. or even 2 kW with the "power" setting. can supply for a quick warm-up!

The tanks are produced according to the BIO-glasslined principle. These are enamelled steel tanks that, thanks to this unique and patented coating, offer the inner tank with the highest possible protection without burdening the environment.

Operation is very simple by means of 4 push buttons on the LCD display on which all relevant data is shown. On the display you can see the set water temperature and the current water temperature. Normally the electric storage water heater is heated with 1.3 kW. but with a push button you can control the other 0.7 kW heating element. switch on so that the water reaches 2.0 kW. is heated quickly. The device is completely safe to use. The boiler is CE certified and may be used throughout Europe. In addition, this device is equipped with a supplied inlet combination which also functions as a pressure relief valve and non-return valve. We give a full warranty of 2 years on the device and even 7 years on the boiler! In the event of a power failure, the device switches to standby mode for safety reasons. When power is restored, the device must be manually turned on again. The Thermex IF 80-V Comfort Wifi is easy to control via the handy app on your smartphone. You can already operate the water heater when you are away from home. Ideal for holiday homes, etc. Everything can be arranged with the help of the free app! In the app you can turn the boiler on or off. Set the temperature and adjust the power. You can also set a timer as an extra functionality. Download the app from your app store.
Brand: Thermex
Type: IF 80-V Comfort Wifi ( Vertical mounting )
Weight: 24 kg.
Dimensions: 293 x 511 x 1018 mm ( D x W x H )
Content: 68 liters
Connection value: 2000 Watt / 230 Volt.

Water connection: ½ " inch

Warm-up time: 130 minutes
Maximum temperature: 65 degrees.
Energy class C
Package contents: Boiler, manual, extra heavy wall anchors for wall mounting, non-return valve.

Brand: Thermex
Energy class: Product sheet
This item is no longer available, contact us for possible alternatives.