TTulpe SmartMaster 80 flat electric water heater with smart control and Wi-Fi

Horizontal or vertical, 3300 Watt (2.1 kW + 1.2 kW) smart boiler with very extensive functions, 80 litre, incl. Wi-Fi for control with your smart phone


The TTulpe SmartMaster 80 offers high-quality hot water supply with advanced smart control features and WiFi connectivity, packaged in a flat design that allows for both vertical and horizontal installation. With a net capacity of 65 liters, excellent energy efficiency, and advanced safety features, this boiler provides comfort and peace of mind for your household.

Key Features:

  • Smart Control via WiFi: Full access to all functions through the convenient MyELDOM app, wherever you are.
  • SMART Function: Monitors hot water usage and adjusts heating for maximum comfort and energy savings.
  • Manual Settings: Ability to manually set different heating modes, such as eco-mode or full heating.
  • Programmable: Timers can be set for use with off-peak electricity or other preferences.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Includes anti-frost mode and anti-legionella mode for extra peace of mind.
  • Durable Design: Environmentally friendly production with special ceramic coating on tanks and heating elements for long-lasting durability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: TTulpe
  • Type: SmartMaster 80
  • Net Capacity: 65 liters
  • Placement: Vertical (water connections downwards) or horizontal (water connections to the left)
  • Water Pressure: Minimum 0.1 MPa and maximum 0.7 MPa
  • Operating Pressure: Maximum 0.7 MPa
  • Power Rating: 3300 Watts / 230 Volts / 15 Amps
  • Protection Level: IP24
  • Vertical Dimensions: 1033 x 511 x 279 mm (H x W x D)
  • Horizontal Dimensions: 511 x 1033 x 279 mm (H x W x D)
  • Distance Water Connections to Wall: 100 mm
  • Distance between Water Connections: 337 mm
  • Threaded Connections: ½ inch
  • Cable with Plug Length: 120 cm
  • Empty Weight: 29.6 kg
  • Heating Time (45°C): 55 minutes
  • Full Heating Time: 120 minutes
  • Maximum Temperature: 75 degrees Celsius
  • Energy Label: B

Included in Delivery:

  • Boiler including connection cable and plug
  • 3-way safety valve (inlet combination)
  • Manual

Note: Wall anchors (wall hooks) are not included in the delivery.

The TTulpe SmartMaster 80 offers an advanced and reliable solution for your hot water needs, with smart control options, energy efficiency, and durability for a comfortable household.

Brand: TTulpeŽ
Energy class: Product sheet
£ 420,- incl. VAT



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