Pedrollo Betty nox-3 water pump 230 Volt

Centrifugal pump to be used for pool, garden sprinkling or other purposes.

Self priming centrifugal pump with swivelling handle and premounted power cable. The Betty nox-3 is suitable for pumping water and thanks to its stainless steel casing can also handle slightly chlorined or salt water.

Using this pump you will effortlessly pump water from a stream, rain barrel or pool. The pump can be used to maintain a certain temperature in your pool or hot tub if combined with the Cointra Optima COB-10x instantaneous water heater. Obviously the pump is very suited for watering the garden, cleaning jobs or or any other applications where water pressure is needed.


Flow rate per minute: 5 - 50 Liters

Priming/pressing height: 9 - 42 meters

Dimensions: 353x270x198 mm

Weight: 9.2 KG

Ambient temperature up to 40 C°

230 Volt

Running dry is not allowed for this type of pumps.

£ 165,- incl. VAT

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  • Pedrollo Betty nox-3 water pump 230 Volt