Thermex Eurostar E 909 electric wall hung central heating boiler. 9Kw.

9 Kilowatt central heating boiler on electricity. 230 volts or 400 volts.

Thermex Eurostar E909 electrical wall hung boiler. 9Kw.
Gasless is the future.
The Thermex Eurostar E909 is a 9 Kw wall hung boiler. Heat your house with electricity instead of gas.
From now on it is possible to heat your central heating radiators or underfloor heating with electricity. The Thermex electric central heating boiler makes it possible. No more gas needed! Energy-friendly electronics controlled by the microprocessor. Maximum energy saving and long-term comfort.
Because there is no combustion, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and no discharge is required. So no more pipes and chimney on the roof. This makes the electric boiler virtually maintenance free.
In the on / off mode, basically any room temperature thermostat can be mounted.
This wall hung boiler in combination with one of our storage tank water heaters will replace your old gas fired system.
- Black Mirror surface Front panel
- Constant temperature
- Touch screen adjustment
- Big LCD display
- Extensively programmable
- CH function
- Three-stage electric heating mode.
- Capacity: 9 Kw.
- Anti-blocking protection
- Anti-freeze protection
- Dimensions: 740*440*235 mm
- Net. Weight: 25,5 Kg
- Efficiency: 99,5 %
- Connection Single phase 230 Volt, 41 Amp fuse
- 3 phase 400 Volt, 3x 16 AMP. Fuse.
- Solar system compatible.
- Heating temperature setting range:30-80℃.
- Built-in central heating pump and expansion vessel.

Brand: Thermex
£ 855,- incl. VAT



  • Eurostar E909 front
  • Eurostar E909 slanted
  • Eurostar E909 inernal