ELDOM WiFi convector 1000 Watt

ELDOM WiFi convector 1000 Watt

Super energy efficient they save energy and money due to:

  • Dynamic Technology: the special design of the powerful radiator and the casing allows the ascending heated air to circulate naturally. The high-performance dynamic convection distributes heat uniformly all over the room, which guarantees increased heating and comfortable natural temperature;
  • Weekly programmer with a time step of one minute - you can set the operation mode unlimited in time, at different temperatures according to your individual regimen or for operation in a low-tariff period;
  • Open Window Function – function detecting an open window or door, which temporarily turns the heater off and makes significant energy savings;
  • Sleep Mode - After activation, this mode will gradually lower the set temperature within 2 hours and will automatically restore it in 5 more hours. This mode of the convector enables another energy saving option without leaving you in the cold.

Long life – the backbone of the new ELDOM convector heaters is the solid U-shape heating element encapsulated in an aluminum double ribbed radiator. This provides better heat exchange and decreases the heat duty of the heating element – the best guarantee for a long service life.

Secure - we have integrated advanced safety features to ensure reliability throughout the entire service life of the convector heater:

  • Fall protection – the electronics automatically breaks the circuit;
  • Parental control – locks all buttons on the control panel;
  • Ingress protection class IP 24 – subject to compliance with the operating instructions, these heating appliances can be easily installed in a bathroom;
  • Frost protection – turns on the appliance automatically for a short time when the room temperature falls below 7ºС;
  • Power outage protection – the electronic control stores the settings for more than 12 hours;
  • Two-stage overheating protection – we use mutually independent thermoregulator and temperature switch.


  • Stylish and compact – with its state-of-the-art and simple design this panel convector heater can perfectly fit any decoration;
  • Variety of sizes and powers: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 W;
  • Silent operation;
  • Interface in various languages with useful statistics – you can monitor the energy used by the appliance for 7 days and the average room temperature by hours for the last 7 days

Technical Data:

Nominal load: 1000 Watt

Heated surface: 8 - 14 m2

Heated volume: 20 - 35 m3

Dimensions: 453 x 592 x 84 mm. (H x W x D)

Weight: 4,6 kilo

Wall mounted (by means of supplied wall brackets), support feet can be ordered optionally.

Length of cord with plug: 175 cm.

Ingress protection class: IP24.


Brand: ELDOM
£ 135,- Incl. VAT