TTulpe Verlo 100 Smart flat water heater for universal wall-mounting

High-quality 100 liter flat smart boiler. Can be applied vertically and horizontally


The TTulpe Verlo 100 is a modern and high-quality boiler designed to be mounted on the wall both horizontally and vertically. Featuring two cylindrical tanks, this boiler offers a shallow installation depth, allowing for flexible installation even in small spaces.

The boiler's operation is straightforward via the electronic display. Various functions, including the Smart function, temperature setting, and anti-legionella function, can be adjusted. The temperature is adjustable up to a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius.

With a power output of 1800 watts and a sacrificial anode, the TTulpe Verlo 100 provides efficient heating. The "Superfoam" insulation minimizes heat loss. Thanks to its good insulation and the SMART function, this boiler achieves excellent energy efficiency with an energy label B.

The tanks are produced according to the BIO-glasslined principle, offering maximum protection without harming the environment.

Safety is ensured with CE certification and the included inlet combination serving as a pressure relief valve and non-return valve.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: TTulpe
  • Model: TTVER100 Verlo 100
  • Color: White
  • Net capacity: 90 liters
  • Heating time (∆T = 45°C at 1.8 kW): 2 hours 55 minutes
  • Placement: Vertical (pipes downwards) or horizontal (pipes to the left)
  • Water pressure: Minimum 0.05 MPa and maximum 0.7 MPa
  • Working pressure: Maximum 0.8 MPa
  • Power rating: 1800 watts, 220-240 V~, 50/60 Hz
  • Water connection: ½ inch
  • Dimensions vertical: 1219 x 556 x 300 mm (h x w x d)
  • Dimensions horizontal: 556 x 1219 x 300 mm (h x w x d)
  • Empty weight: 36.7 kg
  • Maximum temperature: 80 degrees Celsius
  • Energy label: B
  • Annual energy consumption: 1311 kWh
  • Warranty: 2 years, 5 years on the tanks
  • Packaging contents: boiler, manual, wall anchors, and inlet combination

Note: Due to its size and weight, pallet transport is used. The delivery location must be accessible by pallet truck.

Brand: TTulpeŽ
Energy class: Product sheet
£ 315,- incl. VAT



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